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Parking is a hot button issue in Rochester, especially in recent days after the City of Rochester increased the enforcement hours for parking meters to 8 p.m. The goal was to reduce a $47.6 million budget gap. When some residents expressed concerns about the move, the City changed the policy; on Tuesday, City Hall announced that the mayor was increasing the daytime hourly rate so parking could remain free after 6 p.m.

This hour, we discuss a range of issues related to parking in Rochester – from its relationship to downtown development, urbanism, its impact on local businesses, and more. In studio:

  • Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, president of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
  • Joanne Brokaw, local writer and improviser
  • Arian Horbovetz, creator of the Urban Phoenix blog
  • Jason Partyka, member of Reconnect Rochester
  • Bleu Cease, executive director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Governor Andrew Cuomo will be coming to Rochester on Wednesday to the  Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center, and WXXI News has learned he’ll be here to talk about ROC The Riverway projects.

During a stop in Rochester earlier this year Cuomo committed  $50 million  in state funding to help redevelop the area along the Genesee River in downtown Rochester.

The redevelopment program will consolidate up to 30 development projects along the Genesee River under a single concept.


After an uproar from a number of businesses and other organizations who have operations in downtown Rochester, the city is changing a plan that increased the time that metered parking was in effect.

In an effort to balance the new city budget, which began in July, the hours for weekday parking at the kiosks and meters was extended from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

City of Rochester

The push continues by a number of downtown businesses and organizations to have the City of Rochester roll back a recent change in the parking rates. 

The recent changes in metered parking in downtown Rochester continues to generate pushback from local businesses and organizations.

The New York Civil Liberties Union is out with a new online resource called Behind the Badge, which provides information on the internal policies and data from several police departments around the state including Rochester.

Among the major points the NYCLU made in its review of RPD’s practices, was the fact that the department has used ‘Stingrays,' which the civil liberties group says allows police to spy on cell phones.

Tianna Manon, WXXI News

Frederick Douglass was the first Black American to have a monument erected in his honor.

Now, more than a century later members of the Re-Energizing the Legacy of Frederick Douglass committee are working with local officials, artists and community leaders to create 13 life-sized monuments, all coming together to create a city-wide interactive tour.

Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

The Corn Hill Arts Festival celebrated a milestone this past weekend, marking its 50th anniversary.

Thousands of people didn't let the hot, humid conditions over the weekend keep them from trekking through the streets of  Rochester's Corn Hill neighborhood over the weekend for the annual arts festival.

City of Rochester

Rochester city officials say that there are plans to restore ARTWalk, the outdoor art trail that connects artistic centers and public spaces in NOTA (the Neighborhood of the Arts). The restoration is intended to be a community-wide effort, involving local artists and city youth.

Mayor Lovely Warren and City Council have agreed to contribute up to $75,000 toward ARTWalk over the next two years, with the money coming from unspent funds from prior years.


Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and City Councilmember Mitch Gruber are proposing a ban on the practice of so-called “conversion therapy” within the city. Conversion therapy attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation.

Warren said that, “this controversial practice has been debunked and is seen by health professionals as detrimental and unhealthy for LGBTQ youth.”

Gruber said that, “Conversion therapy is based on a false and ugly premise: that there is something with being LGBTQ.”


Rochester is getting new help to run the Blue Cross Arena. And that help is coming from Buffalo.

City officials had only recently announced that they were ending the longtime management contract for the arena with Philadelphia-based SMG.  At the time, Rochester officials said  that company had performed below expectations.