Efforts to help employers fill jobs at 'essential' businesses

Mar 25, 2020

Credit WXXI photo

Monroe County has established a website to help connect people who are looking for jobs with ‘essential businesses,’ those that can remain operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

County Executive Adam Bello said that  job seekers and employers are encouraged to use the job bank that is run by Rochester Works.

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Greater Rochester Enterprise have heard of local businesses who want to hire people right now.

Chamber President Bob Duffy says many of those positions may be in the health care field.

“The number of support people that can really help during these times. There’s a number of job classifications in the health care field that people are looking for. We’ll try and make sure that those opportunities are posted,” Duffy said.

Duffy said the chamber continues to work to help people out of work connect with available jobs. He says the pandemic is anticipated to have a major impact on the economy and the job market.

“Our number one concern right now is helping people stay afloat, helping companies hang in there so they don’t close down; helping people who are laid off get access to food or other employment opportunities," Duffy said.

The Rochester Chamber also has resources on its website for businesses and individuals  as does Greater Rochester Enterprise.