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U.S. Attorney's Office

Developer Bob Morgan and 3 others charged in multimillion-dollar fraud scheme

One of the Rochester area’s most prominent developers is among four people charged Wednesday in what the federal government says was a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme. Robert Morgan, whose development company has been involved in some key projects in downtown Rochester and in several other states, is one of the four people charged in a 114-count indictment. Morgan -- along with mortgage broker Frank Giacobbe; Todd Morgan, who is Morgan’s son and worked as a project manager; and...

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Remember the planned redesign of the $20 bill that was going to include the first African American woman to appear on U.S. currency?

Well, don't expect to see Harriett Tubman on your $20 any time soon.

U.S. Attorney's Office

One of the Rochester area’s most prominent developers is among four people charged Wednesday in what the federal government says was a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Robert Morgan, whose development company has been involved in some key projects in downtown Rochester and in several other states, is one of the four people charged in a 114-count indictment.

The College of Collectible Knowledge is back. We’re gearing up from the annual WXXI Appraisal Fair, so we bring you our version of “Antiques Roadshow”…on the radio. 

We’re joined by appraisers in studio who answer questions about your antiques. In studio:

  • Yvonne Jordan, owner of Shop 15 Antiques and Vintage
  • Nik Wanderman, partner at Jack Wanderman and Associates
  • Jim Stefanko, antique owner
  • Kathy Chia, antique owner

We have a conversation about energy affordability. NYSERDA and the NYS Department of Public Service are hosting a public feedback session in Rochester to discuss energy initiatives. We preview that session with local clean energy advocates who discuss how to ensure all communities have access to affordable, green energy. 

Our guests:

Karen DeWitt/WXXI News

The New York State Legislature took final action on measures that could be used against President Donald Trump and his associates, including a backdoor way for Congress to view the president’s tax returns.

The first bill would authorize the state tax department to release the tax returns of Trump and other elected officials and high-ranking political appointees who live in New York to some congressional committees conducting inquiries.

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This time of year, you might be startled by the sight of a huge swarm of honeybees. It can happen not only in agricultural areas, but also in your neighbor's backyard or even in the middle of a city.

"It can be kind of scary thing to see a big, buzzing ball of thousands of honeybees, right?" Emma Mullen asked. "That's a lot of people's worst nightmares." 

But Mullen, senior honeybee extension associate at Cornell University, says those bees are typically harmless.

They're just taking a cue from the warm weather and the flowering plants that it's time to reproduce.

Updated at 1:55 p.m. ET

Negotiations over a potential infrastructure program fizzled on Wednesday as a White House meeting between President Trump and Democrats escalated into blame-trading and political threats — including impeachment.

The president was the first to appear after the session in a Rose Garden availability that he used to renew his call for Democrats to abandon investigations into him if they want to negotiate over improving the nation's roads and bridges or other legislation.

First hour: How to make clean energy affordable to all communities

Second hour: The College of Collectible Knowledge returns

RG&E and NYSEG are requesting rate increases for the delivery of electricity and natural gas. Both companies are part of AVANGRID, which is part of Iberdrola, the Spanish multinational utility company.

In a letter to the NYS Public Service Commission, the local utilities are asking for a 5.4% increase for RG&E electric customers, which would mean an average monthly increase of $2.86, and a 4% increase for RG&E natural gas customers, which works out to an average monthly increase of $1.56.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  Immigrants from around New York state have rallied at the state Capitol to call on legislators to authorize driver's licenses for residents who entered the country illegally.

Tuesday's event featured remarks from top lawmakers including Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, of the Bronx, who said his chamber would pass the legislation.

After Tuesday's rally, some supporters blocked access to a door to the state Senate. Fifteen were arrested after they refused to leave.



We report on some of the issues that could arise if legal pot comes to New York

News from NPR

The Alabama Historical Commission says a wrecked ship off the Gulf Coast is the Clotilda, the last known vessel to bring people from Africa to the United States and into bondage.

At the Robert Hope Community Center in Mobile, Ala., on Wednesday, researchers unveiled their discovery to descendants of that fateful voyage. "They had been waiting for this for a long time," Alabama Historical Commission Chairman Walter Givhan, a retired major general, told NPR. "They were jubilant."

Kenneth Feinberg has been called on to tackle the emotionally grueling job of figuring out the monetary value of victims' lives following a slew of tragedies. And now, a federal judge in California has appointed the prominent attorney to do it again.

This time, Feinberg will serve as mediator for court-mandated settlement talks between Bayer and people who say the company's glysophate-based weedkiller, Roundup, gave them cancer, The Associated Press reports.

Saudi siblings Lina and Walid Alhathloul check their phones constantly for any mention of their sister on social media. They have already done four interviews on the day of the PEN awards and sit down for a fifth, because, they say, this is the only way to help their sister, 29-year-old jailed Saudi activist Loujain Alhathloul.

"We want to raise awareness," says Lina Alhathloul, a lawyer living in exile in Belgium.

State corrections officials in Arizona are facing calls to reverse a ban on a book that that explores the impact of the criminal justice system on black men. Prison officials say the book contains "unauthorized content," while civil rights advocates claim that placing the book on a blacklist amounts to censorship.

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From the Inclusion Desk

What do young adults with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers need to know as they prepare to exit the school system? It's a question that will be addressed at an upcoming conference hosted by Nazareth College and AutismUp.

We're joined by conference organizers and participants to discuss medical care, housing, employment, and more. In studio:

  • Rachel Rosner, director of education and support services for AutismUp
  • Cyndi Kerber Gowan, lecturer in education at Nazareth College and faculty liaison for LifePrep@Naz
  • Jake Collier, self-advocate

James Brown WXXI

Leaders from St. John Fisher’s Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing announced a partnership with an Irish college on Wednesday.

Fisher and Waterford Institute of Technology plan to share resources for best practices and research when it comes to nursing at-risk populations like those with developmental disabilities. Fisher’s Wegmans School of Nursing received a grant last fall to open the Institute.

The Institute's founding director, Dianne Cooney Miner, said Waterford is the perfect match for Fisher.

Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

Medical students said they are seeking out ways to improve their own training after a conference in Rochester this weekend.

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry held its annual meeting in the downtown Hyatt hotel. People came from across the U.S. and other countries to hear about challenges and successes in medical care for people with disabilities.

Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

A new dental clinic is under development at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It’s designed to support people who might have a hard time getting service in most other dentists’ offices.

“The support comes in two parts,” said Dr. Eli Eliav, director of URMC’s Eastman Institute for Oral Health. “Equipment and staff.”

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