Irondequoit supervisor among those watching and waiting as lake and bay levels rise

May 24, 2019

National Guard members help place sandbags in Irondequoit
Credit Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor

As the level of Lake Ontario continues to rise, it is making for some tense times for both residents and local officials.

Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley says as a town official, he’s very concerned, and he can only imagine how people affected by the rising water are feeling.

Seeley says areas along Irondequoit Bay have already seen some high water, and that’s where members of the New York National Guard and the town’s department of public works have been able to help out, by finding ways to place sandbags in some of those areas.

“Unfortunately for a lot of these homes, you have a lot of elderly residents living along the bay,” Seeley told WXXI News. "Sandbags are heavy, they’re about 40, 50 pounds a pop, and a lot of these homes are down dozens of steps, and they’re not easy to access."

Seeley also announced on Friday that the loop at the northern end of St. Paul Boulevard was being closed due to the flooding conditions.

Credit Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor

With water levels comparable to where they were in 2017, when there was a lot of flood damage, Seeley says the main concern now is for any shift in the wind direction that washes more water onto the lakeshore.