Mayor Warren uses Facebook video to talk about healing after recent controversy

Jan 10, 2019

Credit City of Rochester/Facebook

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is speaking out about the need to create greater empathy and understanding throughout the community.

Warren’s video, which  was posted  on the city’s Facebook page,  notes that  Rochester will be hosting an event later this month that is part of an initiative by the National League of Cities to build more equitable communities.

And the posting of the video comes days after events that erupted into a community controversy after WHEC-TV fired meteorologist Jeremy Kappell.  They did that last Sunday after he apparently used a racial slur during a broadcast last Friday when referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

Kappell insists he did not intend to slur the civil rights leader and says he was talking too fast when he tripped up on his words.

Warren referenced Dr. King often during her Facebook video message.

“It is unfortunate that our community remains divided. In today’s world where we all find ourselves struggling against hate and intolerance it’s more important than ever that we work toward understanding and love.”

Warren says she will always stand up for dignity and the worth of everyone in the Rochester community. She also said that sometimes the hurt caused by words and images isn’t intentional, but it is still painful, and she says that sometimes, the impact matters more than the intent.

The initiative from the National League of Cities will be held in Rochester on January 22 and 23.