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Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich appointed to lake level management board

Veronica Volk
Bill Reilich says he will use his position on the board to push back against Plan 2014.

Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich will have a new role in overseeing Lake Ontario.

Earlier this year, the International Joint Commission decided to add two new members to the board that oversees lake level management for Lake Ontario.

Frank Bevacqua, the IJC's public information officer, says they chose Reilich to be the representative for the U.S. side because of the way he’s handled flooding along the shoreline.

"In our experience, he has been very interested in finding solutions to the high water crisis, and he’s had very open lines of communication with the IJC and also has demonstrated leadership in this area," he says.

Reilich says he’s excited to get started, but he’s also a staunch opponent of Plan 2014 and says he hopes to use his position to change the way the water is managed.

"I’ve always believed that 2014 should be eliminated, or if not, definitely, drastically modified," Reilich says. "I’m going to walk into a situation where I’m gonna have to convince some other people of my point of view and whatever it takes I’m willing to do."

The IJC has yet to announce a representative from the Canadian side.

Veronica Volk is an editor and producer for WXXI News.