Veronica Volk


Veronica Volk is an editor and producer for WXXI News.

Previously, she reported on environmental and economic issues facing the people and wildlife of Lake Ontario for Great Lakes Today.

Veronica produces Ear Shot, a weekly podcast that brings you on-demand stories, interviews and other tidbits of what's happening around Rochester annd the Finger Lakes, all form the WXXI News team.

She is also the producer of Exited, a podcast about young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities transitioning into life after public school, and producer and co-host of the true-crime podcast Finding Tammy Jo along with Gary Craig of the Democrat and Chronicle.

Veronica got her start as a reporter in the Bronx for WFUV Public Radio, and later rose to senior producer of their weekly public affairs show Cityscape. She is originally from the Jersey Shore, which is nothing like how it is portrayed on MTV.

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This week on Ear Shot:

In Monroe County, Black mothers and their babies are at a higher risk of complications and mortality.

Plus: a student program is diversifying the rivers and trails of the Adirondacks.

This week on Ear Shot:

Across the country, more people are buying guns and joining gun groups, with the biggest jump among African Americans.

Plus: A hidden history is buried just beneath the surface at Highland Park.

This week on Ear Shot:

A nationwide shortage of veterinarians means some pets can’t get the care they need.

Plus: Child care providers are struggling to keep masks on toddlers.

This week on Ear Shot:

A cohort of older adult musicians reunite after a year and a half of virtual rehearsals.

Plus: Tucked away in the City of Rochester is one of North America’s oldest forests. And the iconic voice behind Ol’ Man River -- William Warfield -- is honored with a statue in his hometown.

This week on Ear Shot:

A fifth of everything we throw in the trash is food waste. But what if we recycled that back into the ground instead?

Plus, Joywave is putting on a Rochester Fringe Festival show this weekend, but lead singer Daniel Armbruster says during the pandemic, music was far from people’s minds.

This week on Ear Shot:

Some physicians and patients believe racism is a factor in the historical underfunding of sickle cell disease research and treatment.

Plus, Fringe Fest is in full swing! CITY's Rebecca Rafferty and Daniel Kushner join WXXI's Jeff Spevak and Veronica Volk to talk about the festival.

This week on Ear Shot:

It's been 20 years since the Sept. 11 attacks, and a lot has changed, including the way it's taught in schools.


Some of the people closest to the attacks were ironworkers from the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation.

And, we talk to the creator behind Aspie Works about his company and a production that he says changed his life.

This week on Ear Shot:

A shop in the Rochester area is giving out free gifts that are controversial.

Plus: The COVID-19 shutdown last year was a jarring experience for a Rochester attorney who was used to 16-hour work days. And we remember Michael Morgan, the conductor for the Gateways Music Festival.

This week on Ear Shot:

As the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, Afghan interpreters and other allies are relocating to Rochester in search of a better life. But when they get here, they face hurdles to find housing and employment.

Plus: While everyone turned to new hobbies during pandemic shutdowns, one retro sport made a serious comeback -- roller skating.

Also: New York’s new governor announces a new lieutenant governor.

This week on Ear Shot:

Regular screenings could prevent deaths from cervical cancer, but more women are putting them off during the pandemic.


Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is stepping down, what do we know about our future governor, Kathy Hochul?