Monroe County political committees make their endorsements

Feb 13, 2019

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Monroe County Democrats and Republicans chose their preferred candidates for this year’s set of elections on Wednesday night.

Standing room only crowds (with the Democrats at the Holiday Inn on State Street and the Republicans at the Rochester Riverside Hotel around the corner on Main Street)  cheered as Republican incumbent Cheryl  Dinolfo  and Democratic challenger Adam Bello were unanimously designated by their parties to run for County Executive.

Bello, who is currently County Clerk,  says he’s running because he thinks the county needs to rethink how it spends money.

At the Monroe County Democratic Committee convention
Credit James Brown / WXXI News

“We face a lot of challenges and we never seem to get solutions out of county government. Instead it’s a long list of complaints about mandates and how all our problems are everybody else’s fault. But I think we can do so much better in Monroe County by rolling up our sleeves, working with our community partners and really having a conversation about how we spend the billion dollars county government spends and how it’s really impacting people’s lives.”

The incumbent, Dinolfo touted her property tax cut and says her record stands for itself. 

“Our job creation has been outstanding. Putting people back to work. Giving families the chance to succeed and provide for their families for decades to come. A tremendous accomplishment for this community a real win for this community.”

Other countywide races this year include District Attorney.

Incumbent Republican Sandra Doorley is being challenged by Democrat Shani Curry Mitchell.  

Curry Mitchell was an Assistant D-A.  She left that office last fall after five years in that post.

Curry Mitchell says she had high hopes when she joined the D-A’s office, but is disappointed with the way it is run now.  She says if elected,  one of her first acts of business would be changing how the office handles cases involving marijuana.

“We’re prosecuting marijuana possession cases in a traditional sense. We all know marijuana is going to be legal so why are we doing this?”

At the Monroe County Republican Committee convention
Credit James Brown / WXXI News

Doorley says she welcomes the challenge but says experience matters. When asked about the legalization of marijuana, she has different concerns than Curry-Mitchell.

“I just hope they use smart common sense principles and actually listen to law enforcement when they draft the parameters of the law. Because I think the last thing we want to see is increased fatalities due to driving while ability impaired.”

There are a number of  other races on the ballot this year in Monroe County, including County Court, and County Legislature.  And among the other positions, are contests for Rochester City Council and School Board, and various races throughout the towns.

On Wednesday night, Republicans  endorsed incumbent  John DeMarco and also Kyle Steinebach for County Court.

Here are other endorsements made by the Monroe County Democratic Committee:

For County Court Judge: Candidates  Michael Dollinger and Karen Bailey Turner.

For City Court Judge: Melissa Barrett, who was appointed to the bench as City Judge last December and seeks election to a full term.

In addition, Democrats also nominated County Legislator Mark Muoio for a City Court Judge position.  Rochester School Board President and local attorney Van White, and attorney Aaron Frazier have also said they are running for City Court Judge.

The Monroe County Democrats also endorsed candidates for county legislator slots:

Michelle Ames of the 1st Legislative District, Karen LoBacco of LD 2, Marvin Stepherson of LD 3, Josh Mack, Jr. of LD 4, Terry Daniele of LD 5, Daniel Maloney of LD 6, Jim Leary of 7th LD, Megan Thompson of LD 8, Catherine Dean of LD 9, incumbent- Howard Malfucci of LD 10, Joshua Foladare of LD 11, Michael Yudelson of LD 13, LD 14 incumbent- Justin Wilcox, Carl Fitzsimmons of LD 15, Lorie Barnum of LD 16, LD 17-incumbent Joseph Morelle, Jr., John Baynes for LD 18, James Cook for LD 20,  Victor Sanchez of LD 21, Vince Felder—incumbent of LD 22, Linda M. Hasman of LD 23, incumbent Joshua Bauroth of LD 24, incumbent John Lightfoot of LD 25, Yversha Roman of LD 26th, incumbent Lashay Harris of LD 27, Frank Keophetlasy of LD 28, and, incumbent Ernest Flagler-Mitchell of LD 29.

The Democratic nomination for Rochester City Council went to Mary Lupien for the East District, Michael Patterson—incumbent for the Northeast District, LaShana Boose for Northwest District, and incumbent Adam McFadden for the South District.

The MCDC also designated candidates for Rochester City School District Board including: Incumbent- Judith Davis, Howard Eagle, Anthony Hall, and Amy Maloy.