Connections: How to balance historic preservation with economic development

Dec 17, 2018

How can we balance historic preservation with economic development?

This fall, the Landmark Society released its annual "Five to Revive" list. A site in Seneca Falls has generated some debate, and a bit of pushback from area residents who question the mission to save the former National Yeast building. Developers have discussed turning the building into a convenience store; the Landmark Society has visions of mixed use, space for artists, and more -- just not a convenience store. But some residents say the area is a kind of food desert, and there is a need for even a chain store.

It's an example of the debates communities must have moving forward. Our guests discuss it:

  • Caitlin Meives, preservation planner for the Landmark Society
  • Larry Francer, associate director of preservation for the Landmark Society
  • Josh Durso, former Seneca Falls resident, and columnist for the Finger Lakes Times
  • Emil Bove, Seneca Falls resident, local attorney, and former member of several local town boards
  • Mitch Gruber, member of Rochester City Council and chief programs officer for Foodlink