Connections: Dr. Lucy McBride on re-entering society

May 24, 2021

Dr. Lucy McBride recently argued in the Atlantic that parents should not mask their kids outside, calling it a greater harm to their mental health than COVID presents as an ongoing risk factor for their physical health. Dr. McBride has become a respected voice in the community of pandemic analysts.

She writes, "I’ve begun telling my patients that their kids, vaccinated or not, do not need to wear masks outside—despite the fact that the CDC recently issued summer-camp guidelines that recommend kids wear masks whenever physical distancing is difficult, including outside. I know that parents in some communities get dirty looks at the playground if they let their kids run around without masks, but doing so is not a sign of recalcitrance; it’s a sign that they’re following the science."

Dr. McBride joins us to discuss re-entry -- for adults as well as children.

  • Dr. Lucy McBride, practicing internal medicine physician in Washington, D.C., and contributor to the Atlantic