Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, July 10

Jul 10, 2018

Credit heckeranddecker.wordpress.com

First hour: Urbanism across the globe

Second hour: Celebrating the World Cup

When we talk about urbanism, we often discuss walkability and connected neighborhoods. That movement is not just happening here in the United States; efforts toward developing complete streets are underway in some of the oldest and some of the most congested cities around the world. This hour, we talk to two international travelers who share what they've learned by studying urbanism, mobility, and tourism in cities across the globe. In studio:

  • Howard Decker, board member for the Community Design Center Rochester
  • Jackie Marchand, president of WomanTours, Inc.

Then in our second hour, the World Cup semifinals begin on Tuesday, with Belgium taking on France. Saturday's match broke viewership records when Croatia defeated Russia. In addition to the games themselves, the pride among fans has attracted attention on TV and social media. From victory songs, to well-rehearsed chants, to displays that have political or social messages, the World Cup is about more than sports. Our guests are super fans and natives of the countries represented in the semifinals. They join us to discuss their countries' customs, traditions, and pride surrounding the World Cup. In studio:

  • Virginia Kukaj Hartman, Belgian citizen and football fan
  • Rory McKinnon, British citizen, football fan, and bar manager at the Old Toad
  • Pascal Soares, Honorary French Consul in New York, and football fan