Coming up on Connections: Thursday, October 14

Oct 14, 2021

First hour: Cast members of "BARE" on sexual identity in 2021

Second hour: Understanding redistricting

A local production about sexual identity and religion is back by popular demand. We talk with cast members of OFC Creations' production of "BARE". The pop opera tells the story of a Catholic school boy who is in love with his roommate, and both of their struggles with coming out. Cast members have shared their perspectives during talkbacks after the performances. We've invited them to continue the conversation on Connections. Our guests:

  • Eric Johnson, director/producer of BARE, and founding executive director of OFC Creations Theatre Center
  • Jack Mountain, cast member playing Lucas
  • Evan Williams, cast member playing Jason
  • Callan Comeau, cast member playing Matt

Then in our second hour, Election Day is less than a month away. This year, there are five proposals on the ballot -- four of which will directly impact voters in Western New York. This hour, we discuss the first proposal: Amend the process for determining congressional and state legislative districts. Our guests weigh in on the process of redistricting at the state/federal and county/local levels. The County Legislature and the Independent Redistricting Commission are hosting public hearings about proposed state maps. Our guests this hour explain what voters need to know. Our guests:

  • Barbara Grosh, president of the League of Women Voters of the Rochester Metropolitan Area 
  • Jennifer Wilson, deputy director of the League of Women Voters of New York State 
  • Tom Ferrarese, member of the League of Women Voters, and former Commissioner of the Board of Elections 
  • Mark Assini, former Gates Town Supervisor, and current chief administrative officer at American Rock Salt