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Six more die from COVID-19 in Monroe County as number of hospitalized holds steady

Deaths from COVID-19 in Monroe County have largely tracked with the racial and ethnic breakdown of the county's population, data from the county health department and the U.S. Census Bureau show.

The day after the Monroe County public health department reported a 24-hour period with no COVID-19 deaths, the death toll climbed by six in one day.

Fifty-six people have now died from the disease in Monroe County, the health department said Tuesday.

The number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment held steady at 97 for the third straight day, according to the county’s data.

The county’s updated statistics showed that older adults were dying from the disease at much higher rates than younger people, but the proportions of deaths by race and ethnicity largely tracked with the general population.

White people make up 70% of the county’s population, census figures show, and 71% of the deaths.

The county did not release updated information about the race or ethnicity of people hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment. Last week, county health commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said those figures showed a disproportionate representation of minorities.

People 65 and older make up 17% of the county’s population, but people 70 and older are 95% of the county’s COVID-19 deaths, according to the figures.

Still, young people are vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Of the 43 new cases confirmed on Tuesday, eight were in people in their 20s or younger.

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