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Connections: Closing The Gap In Quality Health Care For The LGBTQ Community


People in the LGBTQ community have historically suffered from discrepancies in the quality of medical care, but that is changing. Heterosexual adults are more likely to have health insurance; LGB adults are less likely to seek needed prescriptions, and more likely to wait until a medical issue requires emergency care.

Trillium Health is focused on what is known as "culturally competent care." What does that mean? It starts by understanding that people in the LGBTQ community are more likely to have suffered trauma of some kind. We talk about closing the gap in health care, and making it more affordable. Our guests:

  • Dr. William Valenti, senior vice president and chief of innovation at Trillium Health
  • Graham Brown, co-chair of the White Party and health care consultant
  • Emily Jones, community advocate and friend of Trillium Health
  • Cody Gardner, community engagement liaison with the Rochester Victory Alliance
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