This month on Unleashed, we focus on how to better communicate with your pets: how to read their body language, how to improve their behavior, and how to notice signs of illness.

Veterinarian Dr. Todd Wihlen from the Animal Hospital of Pittsford is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and well being. Plus, WXXI’s Beth Adams speaks with animal communicator Janet Ridgeway, who strives to transform the relationships between people and their pets. Our guests:

Our focus this month is how to care for and protect your pets during the winter months. Veterinarian Dr. Mark Pessin from Fairview Veterinary Hospital answers your questions about pet health and well being.

Plus, WXXI's Beth Adams visits a local clinic that provide acupuncture and laser therapy as alternative medical treatments for their four-legged patients. And, we talk to an animal behavior and training expert at Lollypop Farm about how to welcome new pets into your fur family. 

In this episode of Unleashed, we welcome Erik Herrema, DVM, of Penfield Veterinary Hospital to talk about pet health and well being.

We also hear the story of Gypsy the pug. Last year, she captured hearts across the Rochester community as she fought snow and wind to find her forever home. 

And, if you're thinking about buying a small pet -- like a hamster or gerbil -- for a family member as a holiday gift, there's a lot you should know before you make a "pocket pet" a part of your family. We talk about life spans, care, and more.

In this episode of Unleashed, Dr. Brenda Buck, DVM, from the Animal Hospital of Rochester is in studio to take calls and questions.

Also, Veronica Volk introduces us to a local family who credits their Chihuahua, Ayiiah, for saving their lives during a house fire.

Then, Beth Adams speaks with Amy Merrill of the Rochester chapter of Dogs on Deployment, an organization that finds temporary homes for pets owned by military members when they are deployed.

We round out the hour with the cast of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees. Lizzy Scollo-Chock and Moe Chock were in Rochester visiting animal shelters and hosting events. We talk to them about their work at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans.

Our guests:

  • Brenda Buck, DVM, Animal Hospital of Rochester
  • Maria Hunter, owner of Ayiiah, the "hero dog"
  • Rachel Hunter, owner of Ayiiah, the "hero dog"
  • Amy Merrill, Rochester coordinator, Dogs on Deployment
  • Moe Chock, Villalobos Rescue Center; Pit Bulls and Parolees
  • Lizzie Scollo-Chock, Villalobos Rescue Center; Pit Bulls and Parolees


New York State is going to the dogs, and the cats also. A new poll on pet ownership by Siena College shows that 42-percent of New Yorkers currently have a pet in their household; 30 percent own a dog, 20 percent a cat, and nearly one in 10 have both.

Forced to choose, 57 percent of all New Yorkers consider themselves a ‘dog person’ while 17 percent say they are a ‘cat person’.

We start the hour talking with WXXI Morning Edition Host Beth Adams, who is also the host of Unleashed: The Pet Show, that airs tomorrow at Noon. We’ll preview the pilot episode and discuss how you can give feedback about the show.

Then we turn our focus to education. The Fairport School District is hosting a forum on education to bring awareness to the changes that have been made in the education curriculum and the effects it has on teachers and students. We’ll dive more into this with two teachers, John Banes from Fairport and Emmy Thevanesan from Spencerport.

Then we tackle the question, “Why Teach?”. That’s the title of a program that Warner School of Education will host on Saturday. Joanne Larson from the Warner School will give us a glimpse of what the program will cover on Saturday.

Unleashed: The Pet Show - Pilot Episode

Feb 25, 2015

WXXI’s local host of NPR’s Morning Edition Beth Adams and Penfield Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Erik Herrema share stories of some of Rochester’s most remarkable pets and their owners in Unleashed: The Pet Show.

All Rural/Metro ambulances in the city are being equipped with new oxygen mask kits...for your pet.

This is the first time the Rochester/Buffalo Division of Project Breathe is donating kits for an entire fleet of ambulances. Public Information Officer Lashay Harris says saving pets from house fires is not at all uncommon. In fact, an estimated 100,000 pets die each year in a house fire.