Connections: Understanding the crisis in The Gambia

Jan 25, 2017

After weeks of crisis in The Gambia, is the small African nation on the precipice of stability -- or will the tumult exacerbate a refugee crisis? The short story is that The Gambia was ruled by a rather typical strongman figure, who lost a surprising election this fall and declared that he would accept the results. Days later, he changed his mind and declared a national emergency. Now he's in exile, and Gambians around the world are taking a fresh look at the possibility of finally returning home. But residents in The Gambia are justifiably on edge.

We examine the crisis, and what comes next. Our guests:

  • Benjamin Lawrance, professor of international studies and director of international and global studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Assan Sarr, assistant professor of history at Ohio University
  • Baba Galleh Jallow, assistant professor of African and world history at La Salle University