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Rochester city budget approved; concerns over city school dist. finances discussed

Spectrum News

Rochester City Council has unanimously approved the budget for the City of Rochester for the upcoming fiscal year.  Also on Tuesday night, Council voted 6 – 3 to approve the city school district budget.

The new city budget also includes an amendment that transfers $291,000 to reinstate three community policing officers in the RPD’s new Bureau of Community Affairs and increase the size of the upcoming recruit class.

“I applaud City Council for conducting their due diligence during a difficult budget year,” said Mayor Warren. “This budget gives us the resources we need to maintain and enhance important services, and I am grateful to Council for supporting that effort.

City Council President Loretta Scott said that, “During budget deliberations, members of the community made it very clear that they value the work of the Crime Prevention Officers. Working together, the Administration and Council developed a solution that allows those officers to continue the important work of community policing.”

The nearly $540 million budget also includes money for the demolition of vacant and abandoned structures and support for anti-poverty initiatives. The spending plan would increase taxes and fees  for the typical homeowner an average of $43.37 a year.

City Council did receive a letter from school board member Beatriz LeBron recently that raised concerns about the school district’s finances.

City Council President Scott said that “After careful consideration, the City Council passed the RCSD Budget, and as a body we have made it clear to the RCSD Leadership that we will be monitoring the fiscal health of the District with even greater scrutiny over the next 12 months to ensure financial stability.”