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Connections: Discussing what we learned about the Democratic Party platform during the VP debate


Wednesday night's vice presidential debate may not change the course of the presidential race, but it did give voters an opportunity to hear about the sharp differences between the two parties' platforms. This hour, we sit down with local Democratic Party leaders to discuss the party's strategies for addressing a number of issues: responding to the coronavirus, health care, the economy, the Supreme Court, and more.

Our guests also share their perspectives on the debate and the future of their party. It's our first chance to hear from the new team at the Monroe County Democratic Party. We will talk to local Republican Party leaders and members in a forthcoming discussion. Our guests:

  • Zach King, chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party
  • Stephen DeVay, executive vice chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party
  • Beatriz LeBron, treasurer of the Monroe County Democratic Party
  • Ebody Dukes, secretary of the Monroe County Democratic Party