Lifetime Assistance Airport Games celebrates 19 years

Jun 9, 2018

Credit Lifetime Assistance

Lifetime Assistance's annual fundraiser brought people out to the airport runway in Rochester on Saturday.

The Airport Games are the largest fundraiser for the organization that helped adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Jamie Rada is the Director of Development at the nonprofit.

"Lifetime Assistance I think is more than just a part of the community; the community has become a part of us, and really embrace Lifetime and what we stand for."

Rada says a lot of the money raised today goes towards helping the people they serve with costs that aren’t Medicaid funded.

She said they work a lot with technology as well as mobility and accessibility;  things that aren’t funded but that people still need.

Rada says they are currently serving 1,800 people with about 1,500 staff.

Credit Lifetime Assistance

"We really pride ourselves on making sure that each person we supprt and serve understands their full potential, and becomes the best possible person that they can be."

Last year the event raised record $140,000 dollars. This year’s goal is $145,000.