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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is joining a call to offer spiritual and social support to local Puerto Ricans impacted by recent natural disasters on that island. That includes a Magnitude 5.0 earthquake on Tuesday.

The mayor was joined by officials from the Ibero-American Action league and local faith leaders at City Hall on Wednesday.

Angelica Perez-Delgado with Ibero said that Puerto Ricans displaced by recent earthquakes have come to Rochester with urgent needs.

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The Ibero-American Action League held its annual luncheon on Friday and presented its first State of the Latino community address. 

Ibero’s president Angelica Perez-Delgado says that Ibero’s immediate focus is on improving quality of life for people living in the Northeast corridor of Rochester which has been the scene of an open-air drug market.

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Angelica Perez-Delgado's path to CEO and president of the Ibero-American Action League was challenging. And it certainly wasn't something she could imagine was possible for her when she was a young Latina growing up in the North Clinton neighborhood. 

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The 50th annual Puerto Rican festival opened Friday afternoon at Frontier Field with food, music, and good vibes. It was sunny, and the mix of music, food, and the energy couldn’t be more welcome after weeks of bad news.

Early Friday afternoon, the crowd was small but vibrant. Jose Andres Nieves, 79, is here with a group from Centro de Oro, a Latinx senior center run by Ibero. Jose says he came for the live music.

"I am a fanatic of Trio Los Condes from Puerto Rico, but I like salsa and merengue, anything," he says in Spanish.

We sit down with the outgoing and incoming presidents of the Ibero-American Action League. Angelica Perez-Delgado has been named the organization’s new president and CEO. This comes after longtime president Hilda Rosario Escher announced she would be leaving Ibero to pursue other opportunities.

This hour, they join us to discuss Ibero’s present work and how they hope to see it evolve in the future. We also discuss a range of issues affecting the Latino community.


The Ibero-American Action League’s new leader has a long connection with the agency.

Angelica Perez-Delgado is the new president and CEO of Ibero. She is succeeding Hilda Rosario Escher, who said earlier this year that she would be stepping down.

Perez-Delgado said that during her youth and early adulthood, Ibero provided her with a lot of support.

What in the world happened with Constantino's Market in College Town? You know -- the one that opened not too long ago, to great fanfare, with Senator Chuck Schumer boasting of the federal dollars he secured to help with a food desert? And yes, the one that just closed, before it ever really got started?

The team at Foodlink says this was a bad judgment, and it's important to understand what a food desert is, and isn't. It's important to understand what "food insecure" means. So let's talk about all of that and more. Our guests: