Rotary Sunshine Camp won't operate this summer

May 26, 2020

Credit www.sunshinecampus.org

There will be no Rotary Sunshine Camp this year. Officials with the Rochester Rotary say that it was an emotional decision, but with the concerns about the coronavirus they didn’t feel it was safe to hold the summer camp in the Town of Rush as it normally does.

Tracey Dreisbach is the Executive Director for Rochester Rotary. She said it was an emotional decision to make, since so many people enjoy the camp which has a focus on providing fun for kids with disabilities.

“After a long look at guidelines and our program and infrastructure, we just have come to the determination that we cannot provide a safe environment and a fun environment for our campers with the guidelines that would be in place.” Dreisbach said the decision not hold the regular camp is disappointing for the staffers as well as the campers.

“It was a very heartfelt conversation and we really just wanted to put our campers and our staff. It not only means the world to our campers but our staff that  come, and many of them are former campers themselves. It means to the world to them, and to have to say that they can’t come, it weighs heavy on my heart,” Dreisbach said.

Rotary may still hold some camp programs this year, either virtually or maybe involving a small group and they are making plans to reopen next year. They are also planning activities for 2022, when the Sunshine Camp marks its 100th anniversary.

There have been no clear orders yet from New York state for summer camps overall, although Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed concerns about day camps, with an inflammatory syndrome that has been affecting some children in the state.