De-stressing CPAs during tax season

Mar 14, 2019

The stress of tax season is upon us, but what about the stress your tax preparer faces?

One local CPA firm is taking steps to make sure every employee brings their “A” game to get through the 60-hour, six-day workweeks leading up to April 15.

That's according to Tim Flaherty, the managing partner at Flaherty Salmin CPAs.

He said they offer employees everything from 10-minute group stretching to Saturday in-office breakfasts, a chair massage day for all staff, a chili cook-off and other activities to help employees blow off steam.

Flaherty Salmin CPA staff is all smiles despite the busy tax season
Credit fs-cpa.com

“We work really hard, so as a partner group, and as all of the employees here, we know how to mix in some fun things with it,” he said. “And it doesn't mean we lose our focus and our priority, but I think it helps us maintain our focus and priorities by sprinkling in these fun things."

And with changes in the tax laws, Flaherty says that chair massage came in handy.

“It was so good, I signed up for two," he said with a laugh.

Flaherty said there are several deadlines for CPAs during tax season, which he said starts right after the new year.

He added having the firm and its nearly 50 employees participate in those events helps make them an effective, productive and efficient firm.