Coming up on Connections: Thursday, August 16

Aug 16, 2018

Credit Arian Horbovetz / The Urban Phoenix

First hour: Candidates for the Rochester City School Board

Second hour: Summer of Food - Where to grab a bite off the NYS Thruway

Three candidates are vying for two seats on the Rochester City School Board. Mental health expert Melanie Funchess and health worker Beatriz LeBron were appointed to the board in January, following the departure of Malik Evans and Mary Adams. Now, they must run again to fill the remainder of the terms, and they have some competition. Reverend Judith Davis is also on the primary ballot. This hour, we'll hear from the three candidates about their platforms and their priorities for the Rochester City School District. We discuss teacher evaluations, testing, how to address student and parent needs, and their thoughts on a number of changes proposed for the district. It's an opportunity for you to ask them your questions before the primary on September 13. In studio:

  • Reverend Judith Davis
  • Commissioner Melanie Funchess
  • Commissioner Beatriz LeBron

Then in our second hour, our Summer of Food series continues with a conversation about...food! If you've ever taken a trip on the New York State Thruway, you know your dining options are rather limited at those Thruway rest stops. Our well-traveled guests have explored cities and towns along the Thruway from Albany to Buffalo, looking for the best places to grab a bite, within minutes from the road. They say some cities are entering a period of revitalization, with new restaurants, coffee shops, and more. Will they be successful? How much will tourism and Thruway traffic impact potential success? We "visit" some of those cities with our guests:

  • Chris Clemens, creator of the Exploring Upstate blog
  • Arian Horbovetz, creator of the Urban Phoenix blog