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We've compiled all the latest stories about the coronavirus pandemic here so you can find them easily.We've also compiled a list of informational resources that can guide you to more coronavirus information.

Monroe County changes some quarantine rules after new state guidance


The Monroe County Department of Public Health is changing the time period for anyone who has had contact with a person who tests positive for COVID-19. The county is now requiring 10 days of quarantine, previously it was 14 days. The change reflects updated guidance recently released by the New York State Department of Health.

Officials say that individuals should continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days from the last day of contact.

This new guidance applies only to those quarantined as a result of exposure to COVID-19, not to those testing positive for COVID-19 or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

"As we learn more about this pandemic, we continue to update our guidance to reflect the latest science." said Dr. Michael Mendoza, Monroe County commissioner of public health. "We have reviewed the updated recommendations from the CDC and NYSDOH. This change is prudent and will make it easier for individuals to complete their quarantine and still protect others whom they might have exposed to the virus."

As of Monday, Dec. 28, individuals who are in the process of completing a 14-day quarantine may, on their own, end their quarantine period at 10 days. However, they must continue to monitor for symptoms for four additional days beyond the 10-day period.

If an individual develops symptoms during a 10-day quarantine period or the four days that follow, that individual should self-isolate immediately, get tested and contact their healthcare provider if symptoms are severe. 

Monroe County is in the process of updating its official quarantine documents and other information resources to reflect this change, but health officials said this may take several days.