NYS to increase aid to homeowners impacted by shoreline damage

Jan 26, 2018

Credit Office of the Monroe County Executive

New York State will double available funding for homeowners impacted by shoreline flooding along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River last year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says that he is doubling available funding for those homeowners and increasing the state’s commitment from $15 million to $30 million.

The governor also says he previously advanced $5 million in funding that was approved by the state legislature this week, bringing the state’s total commitment to $50 million. Cuomo also says he will continue to work with lawmakers to secure additional state aid.

According to State Senator Joe Robach, a Republican from Rochester, the state senate majority this week pledged an additional $5 million in what is known as “state and municipal facilities’ funding to help the flood-stricken regions.  

The legislators are also calling on the governor to transfer $11 million currently in a commercial pool of money, which is not being used, to help homeowners impacted by the flooding.