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Several local researchers and public policy experts got together in a televised virtual forum seen and heard on WXXI TV, radio and online on Thursday night to talk about COVID-19.  They had some answers but also a lot of questions.

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With a surge in COVID-19 cases yet to materialize, many hospital beds in Monroe County and the surrounding region are empty.

The push for physical distancing has been successful, hospital leaders and public officials said. Closing businesses and shutting down schools averted a crisis, at least for now.

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Administrators at two Rochester health providers said Tuesday that they are opening clinics in areas of the city where many people of color live.

Jordan Health and Trillium Health said the clinics are designed to give people of color easier access to testing and treatment for COVID-19.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

Governor Andrew Cuomo is tapping some local and state leaders to help parts of the state reopen businesses and other venues in a very measured way.

During his daily briefing Tuesday, which was held in Buffalo, Cuomo said he would call on his former Lt. Governor, Bob Duffy, who is now the President & CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, to help coordinate public health and business activity in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region.

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As laboratories in Monroe County slowly increased the number of coronavirus tests they can run, a nursing home in Rochester began submitting more samples.

St. John’s Home said Thursday that it had received results for almost 90 tests. Of those, 23 came back positive.

Some tests were submitted for residents who had no symptoms of COVID-19.

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The University of Rochester Medical Center’s pathology lab has begun processing coronavirus tests for nursing home residents who have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Previously, a limited supply of testing materials had restricted local labs almost exclusively to testing people with symptoms of the disease.


The day after the Monroe County public health department reported a 24-hour period with no COVID-19 deaths, the death toll climbed by six in one day.

Fifty-six people have now died from the disease in Monroe County, the health department said Tuesday.

The number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment held steady at 97 for the third straight day, according to the county’s data.

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Like many places around the country, Monroe County has found that racial and ethnic minorities are overrepresented in the sickest COVID-19 patients -- those on ventilators. Now, county public health commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said, he wants to take some special actions to protect minorities.

University of Rochester Medical Center

The number of tests that laboratories in Monroe County can run for the novel coronavirus is slowly increasing.

Administrators at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s central laboratory said they have begun using automated testing that can process several times more samples than the manual tests the lab had been running.

Monroe County Department of Public Health

Of the 19 people who have died of COVID-19 in Monroe County, 10 were between the ages of 80 and 99, the county health department said Sunday.

The department had previously declined to release information about the people who have died of the disease in the county, citing privacy concerns.

Last week, when there were 10 deaths in Monroe County, health commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said the average age of those who had died was 76.