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Jen Lunsford, the Democratic challenger for the 135th Assembly District seat, has narrowly defeated the Republican incumbent, Mark Johns, according to unofficial results of the election released late Tuesday by the Monroe County Board of Elections.

Johns, who has held the seat since 2011, led with 55 percent of the vote following Election Day. As of the close of the polls on Nov. 3 with all election districts reporting, 32,599 voters had cast a ballot for Johns in contrast to 26,344 for Lunsford — a difference of 6,255 votes.


The contest between Republican Assemblyman Mark Johns and his challenger, Democrat Jen Lunsford, remains too close to call, although Johns held a commanding lead at the close of the polls.

Lunsford is looking to unseat Johns in the 135th Assembly District, which covers the Monroe County eastern towns of Perinton, Penfield, and Webster.

With 148 out of 148 districts reporting, and counting ballots cast during early voting, Johns led with 55% of the vote, according to the Monroe County Board of Elections.

A Democratic candidate for the New York State Senate is switching races and is now eyeing an Assembly seat. 

Jen Lunsford is suspending her campaign for the 55th District Senate seat and is now running against Republican Mark Johns in the 135th Assembly District. The switch was a surprise to many, including Johns.

“I expected a challenger, but everybody thought she was running for the Senate seat, so something behind the scenes went on,” said Johns. “But I welcome whoever the challenger might be. Maybe they’ll have a primary, who knows?”

You may have heard Governor Cuomo’s State of the State on Tuesday. Representatives from our area were in Albany for the address and the passing of the GENDA bill.

We hear from Assemblymembers Harry Bronson, Mark Johns, and Marjorie Byrnes about that news and about their priorities for this legislative session. We also discuss upstate economic development, the ban on conversion therapy, and the governor’s plan to legalize marijuana. Our guests:

Lots of state business to talk about, starting with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: can he survive the latest round of allegations? It looks like Silver helped craft legislation to benefit clients. I've asked all members of the assembly from our area to join us and in studio we will have Assemblymen Mark Johns (R) and Bill Nojay (R). The Sheldon Silver situation is not the only news to discuss, Governor Cuomo was in Rochester to talk about a new upstate fund, and we're getting ready for his combined State of the State/Budget Address.