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Superintendent Terry Dade says the Rochester City School District needs to make more budget cuts -- but it's running out of options.

In late March, Dade released his draft budget but said that he would likely amend the proposal based on what the pending state budget agreement. This process is typical, but these budgets are not.

Rochester City School District

The Rochester City School District’s deficit is now roughly $81 million. That’s up a third from just two weeks ago.

The district’s draft budget was based on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s state budget proposal in January. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic, though, which Cuomo said has cost the state more than $10 billion. 

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Schools and non-essential businesses will remain closed in New York through April 29 at the earliest, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, as officials evaluate whether the state has reached its so-called apex of COVID-19 cases and what that means going forward.

The number of deaths related to COVID-19 New York has appeared to plateau in recent days, Cuomo said, which could mean the state’s efforts to curb the disease have been effective.

“If we are plateauing, it’s because social distancing is working,” Cuomo said. “So we have to make sure the social distancing continues.”

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded to criticism on Sunday over a new executive order that will shift unused, excess ventilators from health care facilities in upstate New York to the COVID-19 epicenter in New York City, saying no locality will be left defenseless to the disease.

The executive order, announced last week, was met with severe backlash from local officials outside New York City, who feared they would need the machines for their own residents.

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New York state will receive 1,140 more ventilators through donations from the Chinese government and the state of Oregon after an order for 17,000 of the machines fell through in recent days, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday.

The Chinese government will donate 1,000 of those ventilators, Cuomo said, while the state of Oregon has offered to send 140 of the machines through an unsolicited donation.

“This is a big deal and it’s going to make a significant difference for us,” Cuomo said.

Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

During his daily briefing on the coronavirus on Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that the state is quickly running out of ventilators.

"At the current burn rate, we have enough ventilators for six days."

He also said the state will pay a premium to manufacturers -- and cover the cost of converting their factories, too -- to produce gowns and other badly needed protective gear.

Office of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

The number of coronavirus deaths in New York state more than doubled in 72 hours to 1,941.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that projections show the outbreak worsening through the month. He said during his daily briefing that several projection models show the apex of the coronavirus pandemic will occur at the end of April.

And some models, based on a minimal impact from social distancing, show that 110,000 hospital beds and 37,000 ICU beds will be needed. Both are well over the state's capacity.

A deal has been struck to bail out Rochester City Schools after the district overspent by more than $60 million last school year, which caused the district to lay off more than 150 staffers in December. 

Assemblyman Harry Bronson said a fiscal and academic monitor will be appointed to the district for the next three years. In exchange, the district will receive a $35 million loan from future state aid, known as a spin up, which will be paid back over at least 30 years. Without this agreement, Bronson said the district may have been allowed to seek a line of credit, but with a much shorter repayment window. 

Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo is extending the stay-at-home directive for non-essential employees in the state to stay home for another two weeks, until April 15.

Cuomo announced the extension during his daily briefing about the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.

“We’re doing it in 2-week intervals, because every day is a new day, and we’ll see what happens day-to-day, but I think it’s not even questionable today but that we’re going to need 2 more weeks of non-essential workers," Cuomo said.

Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York will be moving its presidential primary due to the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that the April 28 primary will move to June 23, when a number of other federal, state and local elections are being held.

He said it just makes sense when officials are trying to limit the spread of the virus.

“I don’t think it’s wise to be bringing a lot of people to one location to vote. A lot of people touching one door knob, a lot of people touching one pen, whatever you call the new device on the ballots,” Cuomo told reporters.