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NY extends expiration date for COVID-19 Excelsior Pass to 365 days

Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a change in the duration for those Excelsior COVID-19 vaccination passes that many people who have received the vaccine have downloaded onto their smartphones.

Cuomo said on Saturday that, “All Excelsior COVID-19 Vaccination Passes retrieved beginning today will be valid for 365 days, up from 180 days. Those who already have a Vaccination Pass may retrieve a new Pass whenever they choose to in order to take advantage of this extension.”

The governor’s press release said that, “At this time, New Yorkers should know that the 365 days relates only to the length of time the Pass is valid. The duration of validity of Excelsior Vaccination Passes may continue to be updated to reflect the latest understanding from federal and state health experts and as additional science and trial data is released.”

Cuomo also announced that more than 1 million Excelsior Passes have been issued since New York began the program in March.

There have been complaints from people who have had their full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but have run into glitches trying to download their Excelsior Pass.

A spokesperson for the governor, Jennifer Givner, told the Times Union in Albany this week that, "Ninety-six percent of those retrieving an Excelsior Pass do so successfully, and the overwhelming majority of users have a seamless experience using the app, resulting in hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers downloading passes, with more doing so each day.”

According to the Times Union, the state also cited Health Department guidance that directs anyone having problems registering or downloading the app to make sure they are doing so at least 15 days after the date of their final vaccination — one dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients — and that their name, date of birth and ZIP code matches the information "from your vaccination record (i.e., your CDC card.)"

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