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Finding Tammy Jo Episode 6: Runaway

The story of a girl's mysterious murder in 1979 continues in the sixth episode of this series.

Tammy Jo Alexander is described by those who knew her as a free-spirited, gregarious teenager, despite the troubled home from which she came. She was prone to skipping school and running away. At one point in early 1979 she even hitchhiked across the country to Los Angeles, California will her friend, Laurel Nowell.

Childhood photos of Tammy Jo Alexander, provided by her sister Pamela Dyson.

Friends and family struggle to understand what may have happened to Tammy while recounting the details of the last year of her life.

Finding Tammy Jo is a podcast hosted by WXXI's Veronica Volk and the Democrat and Chronicle's Gary Craig.

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Veronica Volk is a senior editor and producer for WXXI News.