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Eating for the climate: exploring sustainability and food choices

Nate Salpeter and Ted Barnett, MD on Environmental Connections on Friday, March 29, 2024
Katie Epner
Nate Salpeter and Ted Barnett, MD on Environmental Connections on Friday, March 29, 2024

Today on Environmental Connections, join host Jasmin Singer as we explore the profound connection between our dining tables and the health of our planet. We're on a journey to understand how the choices we make about what we eat affect our health and have far-reaching impacts on environmental sustainability. This episode moves beyond the discussion of diet trends to focus on the science and ethics of our food systems, how they contribute to climate change and what we can do to foster a more sustainable future.

Our guests:

  • Nate Salpeter, from the climate sanctuary Sweet Farm, will illuminate the intersection of technology, agriculture, and sustainability.
  • Ted Barnett, MD, Founder and President of Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute, is board-certified in diagnostic radiology, vascular and interventional radiology, and lifestyle medicine.
  • Olivia Auclair (joining remotely), author of a pivotal study on dietary impacts on the environment, will offer practical advice on how to adjust our eating habits to support a more sustainable and equitable food system.
  • Jenny Jay (joining remotely), UCLA Professor and creator of "Meals for the Planet,” which calculates the carbon costs of meals, will highlight strategies to minimize our carbon footprint through dietary choices.

Tune in on the last Friday of every month from 12-2pm for Environmental Connections.

Jasmin Singer is the host of WXXI’s Weekend Edition and Environmental Connections, as well as a guest host for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Connections.