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Robert Braden

Robert Braden

Technical Producer & Board Operator

Robert Braden is the Technical Producer & Board Op for Connections with Evan Dawson. He also works on many other projects and has been a technical producer and audio engineer for live and pre-recorded shows along with all aspects of audio production/post-production for local and nationally syndicated radio and television programs at WXXI.

Rob’s previous experience in film, video, and audio production has allowed him to collaborate with numerous creative people on all levels to produce innovative and inspiring projects. This includes A-list celebrities/studios plus Fortune 500 companies in the entertainment, sports, financial, and corporate manufacturing industries. These acquired experiences have led him to his current position here at WXXI Public Media.

He has lived and traveled all over the world, and his work history has included executive producing, producing, directing, technical producing, audio engineering, scoring, and managing on a multitude of varied projects ranging from commercials, television, radio, internet, social media, electronic press kits (EPKs), documentaries, corporate marketing/promotional projects, and DVD featurettes.

Once Rob joined the WXXI team in early June of 2016 (his first project was the JazzFest, then right into Second Opinion, then finally the third addition to the Connections team), he has been a part of the technical and creative family here ever since.

His education includes audio engineering as well as studying music at a Los Angeles music conservatory.

The most important thing though is that he loves the English Premier League, N. London team, Arsenal!!! Up the Gunners!