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How the future of rainfall will affect our communities

Dr. Karen Berger, Jessica Demasio and Clem Chung on Environmental Connections
Katie Epner
From left, Dr. Karen Berger, Jessica Demasio host Jasmin Singer and Clem Chung on Environmental Connections on Friday, Feb. 23, 2024.

We're witnessing a shift in climate dynamics that brings not just water but a flood of challenges and opportunities for adaptation and resilience. Today, we delve into the increasingly pressing issue of changing rainfall patterns and their impact on our communities, infrastructure, and the environment. This hour is about understanding the complexities of our evolving climate, the tangible effects of increased rainfall on urban and rural areas, and global and local strategies for flood defense. Our guests:

  • Dr. Karen Berger, a hydrologist and associate professor at the University of Rochester, discusses the science of heavy rainfall and sustainable practices for managing our water resources
  • Jessica Demasio, general manager of Broccolo Garden Center, shares insights on environmental landscaping and its role in mitigating flood risks and enhancing community resilience
  • Clem Chung, Deputy Director of the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services, focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies vital for our local community’s sustainability

Tune in on the last Friday of every month from noon to 2 p.m. for Environmental Connections.

Jasmin Singer is the host of WXXI’s Weekend Edition and Environmental Connections, as well as a guest host for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Connections.