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Former WNBA all-star Chamique Holdsclaw on mental health advocacy

Chamique Holdsclaw
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Olympian and former WNBA all-star Chamique Holdsclaw is known for her talent on the court, and in recent years, she’s also become known for her work as a mental health advocate. Holdsclaw has been open about her experience with bipolar disorder and about the stigma surrounding it. In a 2017 interview with ESPN, Holdsclaw shared that she had no problem getting treatment for physical health issues as a WNBA player, but when it came to working with a therapist, her team wouldn’t cover the cost. Holdsclaw says that while she was struggling, she would isolate herself. Now, she uses her platform to try to help others.

Holdsclaw is the keynote speaker at this year’s East House annual Hope and Recovery Luncheon. She joins us this hour to share her story, and we discuss how communities can better support people living with mental health challenges. Our guests:

  • Chamique Holdsclaw, former WNBA all-star, Olympian, and mental health advocate
  • Jamie Comenale, vice president of residential Services at East House
  • Jonathan Westfall, executive director of ROCovery Fitness
  • Rick Yang, youth mental health advocate
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