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Summer Book Week: A look inside children’s books dealing with anxiety

Jasmin Singer and Brian Yanish on "Connections Summer Book Week" on Friday, August 18
Katie Epner
Jasmin Singer and Brian Yanish on "Connections Summer Book Week" on Friday, August 18

What happens when the many stressors of today’s often divisive world impact children? With the American Psychological Association reporting that an estimated 20.5 percent of youth worldwide now struggle with anxiety, how can we help them cope? The answer may lie at least partly in children's books. During this discussion, we bring together authors and experts who are using the written word — and the illustrated graphic — to help kids deal with anxiety.

Join host (and fellow author) Jasmin Singer as she curates a thoughtful discussion on the impact on kids when they read about characters experiencing relatable feelings, how to introduce heavier topics gently to younger readers, and how illustrations can effectively convey emotions, especially complex feelings like anxiety. We also delve into the authors’ motivations in creating these books, how adults can use these stories to initiate discussions about feelings and anxiety, and the benefits of bibliotherapy. Our guests:

Jasmin Singer is the host of WXXI’s Weekend Edition and Environmental Connections, as well as a guest host for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Connections.