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What can employers do if workers refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19? What can employees do if they don't want a vaccine, but are being told they must get one? Where are the lines drawn? Who is protected by the law?

These workplace debates about vaccines are already popping up. Our guests are attorneys who try to help us navigate these questions:

We hear reaction to Governor Cuomo's 2021 state budget address from our guests:

Dan Clark/WMHT

First hour: Governor Cuomo's 2021 state budget address

Second hour: Discussing workplace debates about COVID-19 vaccines

Tom LeGro/PBS New Hour / via Flickr

First hour: Special programming - WNYC and the Apollo Theater present “MLK and The Fierce Urgency of Now!”

Second hour: Special programming – “King’s Last March”

Marvel Comics is facing pressure to stop using one of its most popular symbols and characters. During the riot at the U.S. Capitol, multiple extremists were wearing the signature skull symbol worn by Marvel's Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher. The character is a kind of anti-hero, and employs torture and violence to achieve his goals. Some Marvel fans are asking the comic book publisher to consider a different set of options: instead of retiring The Punisher, or at least the logo, they want Marvel to pursue the kinds of storylines that will change the public view of the character.

We talk about the power of entertainment and representation with our guests:

First hour: What do you need to know about endometriosis and fibroids? (*This hour will be rescheduled due to Governor Cuomo's press briefing.)

Second hour: Should Marvel Comics retire The Punisher?

Congressman Joe Morelle joins us. We talk to him about impeachment, the riot at the Capitol, and the incoming administration. We also discuss the next round of pandemic stimulus – what’s in it, what’s not in it, and what struggling Americans need to know.

Our guest:

We continue our conversations with local doctors and nurses on the frontlines of treating COVID-19. Last week, we heard from a team at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and this hour, we hear from their colleagues at Rochester Regional Health. They discuss the state of the virus in the community, what they are seeing in hospitals, and what they’d like the community to know about how to get through the next months as we wait for vaccines.

Our guests:

  • Chris Reynolds, M.D., hospitalist at Rochester General Hospital
  • Sarah Goodenough, RN, nurse navigator at Unity Hospital
  • Kara Boyd, RN, nurse manager for Rochester Regional Health, Eastern Region (Newark-Wayne)
  • Deborah Conrad, physician assistant at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia

First hour: Medical experts from Rochester Regional Health on the state of the pandemic

Second hour: Congressman Joe Morelle on impeachment and pandemic relief


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