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How do we hold totalitarians responsible? How do we guard against the return of some of the worst evils of mankind? Myroslav Marynovych was imprisoned in a Soviet Gulag for seven years. He was a prisoner of conscience, locked away for pushing for human rights.

His new memoir was published by the University of Rochester Press, and he’s visiting the university to discuss his vision for human rights. But first, we talk with him on Connections. Our guests: 

  • Myroslav Marynovych, author of "The Universe Behind Barbed Wire"
  • Randy Stone, chair of the Department of Political Science, and director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester​​

After a recent controversy with City Council, the Rochester Police Accountability Board is hiring. From the beginning, the PAB has stressed its need for independence. It will now have the opportunity to fill dozens of positions. This comes at a time when the City of Rochester is disciplining one officer who was involved with Daniel Prude’s death.

Our guests: 


First hour: An update on the Rochester Police Accountability Board

Second hour: Myroslav Marynovych on his book, "The Universe Behind Barbed Wire"

On Thursday, a number of local partners announced the launch of a new climate initiative. AMPED is aimed at promoting the use of carbon-free electricity to power the region’s buildings and vehicles. According to AMPED’s leaders, about three quarters of the region’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings and transportation.

How can companies go “all electric”? What are the costs? What are the long-term impacts? Our guests answer these questions and more:

Two local organizations have made it their mission to help people who have been disconnected from the workforce find new jobs and careers. Miss Julie's School of Beauty is a faith-based cosmetology school that will offer training to survivors of human trafficking. Imprintable Solutions offers internships to at-risk youth.

This hour, we hear from leaders and trainees at both organizations about how their work is changing lives. Our guests:

  • Julie Chapus, director and instructor at Miss Julie’s School of Beauty
  • 'Noelle," future trainee at Miss Julie’s School of Beauty
  • Tina Paradiso, president of Imprintable Solutions
  • Breanna, team member at Imprintable Solutions


First hour: How two local organizations are helping people who have been disconnected from the workforce

Second hour: Discussing the launch of the AMPED climate initiative

We continue a conversation from Wednesday about the staffing crisis in the child-care industry. According to the Washington Post, child-care providers are down more than 126,000 positions as workers leave for higher-paying jobs and better benefits.

This hour, we talk with current and former child-care workers who share their insights about the industry. Our guests:

  • Bev Bauman, teacher in a child-care center
  • Julie Williams, former child-care worker
  • Jenn Beideman, expectant mother who is seeking child care, and president of the Chld Care Council's board of directors

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the most popular places to buy and sell just about any item or service. But, as ProPublica reports, it has become almost too large to regulate. As a result, a growing number of scams are putting a dark tinge on what had been a relatively simple system.

We discuss selling online -- whether it's through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or otherwise -- and how to recognize and avoid scams. Our guests:

  • Craig Silverman, reporter at ProPublica
  • Jonathan Weissman, senior lecturer in the Department of Computing Security at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • John Nicholas, professor of computer information systems in the College of Engineering and Polymer Science at the University of Akron
  • Amy Edwards, avid online seller

freeimages.com/Shamseer Sureach Kumar

First hour: How to recognize and avoid online scams

Second hour: Current and former child-care workers on the state of the industry

The child-care industry is down more than 126,000 workers. That's according to the Washington Post. Staff members are leaving the industry for higher-paying jobs and better benefits. This has economic impacts -- with fewer workers, fewer children can be cared for, and more parents must leave the workforce to stay home with them.

The staffing crisis is impacting the Rochester region. We discuss it with our guests: