What It Takes To Advance Black Male Achievement In Higher Education In ROC

Apr 27, 2015

Credit Monroe Community College

It’s been called one of the most complex issues in American higher education - the enrollment, disengagement and low degree completion rates for African American males in college. Some voices in higher ed say part of the problem is a “deficit orientation” reinforced by the media and academic journals. Rather than solely focusing on the problem and the challenges, they say we must engage and learn from those who have successfully navigated through the college system. Monroe Community College is attempting to do just that in its upcoming symposium on May 7th called Black Male Achievement in Higher Education.

This Need to Know segment explores the issue further with MCC President Anne Kress, MCC student Marcus Blythers, and MCC Alum and Vice President of Advancement for the Rochester Area Community Foundation and VP of Rochester City Council, Dana Miller.