Republicans hold on to slim majority in the Monroe County Legislature

Nov 6, 2019

It looks like the new Democratic Monroe County Executive may have to contend with a Republican majority in the County Legislature, but the GOP will have a narrow margin in that body.

Unofficial results show the Republicans with a 15 to 14 seat majority over the Democrats.  (they had a 17 - 12 majority, previously).

At least one race,  the 13th legislative district, was very close on Tuesday night, with Democrat Michael Yudelson leading Republican Matthew Borkowski by 45 votes.

Here is the list of apparent winners in the 29-seat legislature:

1st District - Republican Ed Wilt

2nd District – Republican Jackie Smith

3rd District – Republican Tracy DiFlorio

4th District – Republican Frank Allkofer

5th District – Republican Karla Boyce

6th District – Republican Frank Ancello

7th District – Republican Brian Marianetti

8th District – Republican Matthew Terp

9th District – Republican Paul Dondorfer

10th District – Democrat Howard Maffucci (unopposed)

11th District – Republican Sean Delehanty

12th District – Republican Steve Brew (unopposed)

13th District – Democrat Michael Yudelson (45 vote lead over Republican Matthew Borkowski

14th  District – Democrat Justin Wilcox (unopposed)

15th District – Republican George Hebert

16th District – Republican Joe Carbone

17th District – Democrat Joseph Morelle Jr.

18th District – Democrat John Baynes

19th District – Republican Kathleen Taylor

20th District – Republican Michael Zale

21st District – Democrat Rachel Barnhart

22nd District – Democrat Vincent Felder (unopposed)

23rd District – Democrat Linda Hasman (unopposed)

24th District- Democrat Joshua Bauroth (unopposed)

25th District – Democrat John Lightfoot (unopposed)

26th District – Democrat Yversha Roman

27th District- Democrat Lamar (unopposed)

28th District-  Democrat Frank Keophetlasy (unopposed)

29th District – Democrat Ernest Flagler (unopposed)