Kids talk about what the pandemic is like for them, how parents can help

Jul 20, 2020

Jaina Kleckner, 3
Credit provided photo

At a time when there seems to be no shortage of crises in the world, Jennie Schaff believes in tapping into the simple wisdom of children.

Schaff is the president and CEO of Jewish Family Service of Rochester. The organization put out a survey asking kids questions about the coronavirus pandemic. Questions like: How would you describe this time?

"We really wanted to be able to highlight that, for some of them, this is a dream time, and for others it's awful, and for many, it's somewhere in between," Schaff said.

Grace and Marin Papponetti and their dogs Snoopy, Lucy, and Stella.
Credit provided photo

Another question from the survey is: What does the world need right now? Schaff said we should listen to what kids have to say -- and we just might learn something.

"Because they don't have the confines of societal experiences to say, 'This will work,' or 'This won't work,' or 'This hasn't worked,' Schaff explained.

We thought this was a good idea, so we decided to ask some kids ourselves. Click on the LISTEN link above to hear what they had to say.