ImageOut Film Festival Hits the Rochester Scene Friday

Oct 9, 2013

Credit ImageOut.org

New York’s largest Gay and Lesbian film festival is kicking off on Friday.

The 2013 ImageOut Film Festival will feature 63 movies from 21 countries about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender experience.

Among the featured films: “Shoulders to Stand On: the LGBT History of Rochester, NY”, which is directed by WXXI's Kevin Indovino; "Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth” a documentary providing a greater understanding of the Pulitzer Prize winning author; and "Before You Know It”- a feature telling the personal stories about aging LGBT.

“Films that are educational,” says Michael Gamilla, director of the festival’s programing committee.

The ImageOut Festival celebrates 21 years.

"In those times, 21 years ago, there's really not a whole lot of visibility for LGBT people in the media or on screen,” Gamilla says about the festival remaining relevant. “So this was a good way of making sure LGBT people, the LGBT community, would see themselves, see representations of themselves on screen."

The community can watch the dozens of films at three Rochester venues. They include the Little Theater, the George Eastman House and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The 10-day festival will feature opening and closing parties as well as community discussions with guest artists.

The festival runs from Oct. 11 - 20.