Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, October 9

Oct 9, 2019

First hour: Discussing the desegregation debate in Pittsford

Second hour: What does it take to be an artist in 2019?

The Town of Pittsford is preparing for an election, and it’s embroiled in a debate over segregation and housing policy. We invited candidates from both parties, as well as town leaders who are on opposing sides of the housing dispute. Our guests are the only ones who replied to our multiples requests for interviews. In studio:

  • Kevin Beckford, member of the Pittsford Town Board
  • Kendra Evans, candidate for Pittsford Town Supervisor

Then in our second hour, what does it take to be an artist in 2019? We sit down with artists in a variety of media to discuss their work, how they sell their art, and the other opportunities they take advantage of in order to create the time and space to do their creative work. Our guests:

  • Athesia Benjamin, painter, ceramics artist, professor of art at MCC, and creative consultant
  • Chris Charles, printmaker, graphic designer, and art instructor
  • Kelly Justice, ceramics artist, and studio manager at Flower City Arts Center
  • Peter Pincus, ceramics artist, and professor of ceramics at RIT
  • Ben Carter, ceramics artist, and host of the "Tales of the Red Clay Rambler” podcast