Coming up on Connections: Thursday, October 15

Oct 15, 2020

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First hour: David Dayen on coronavirus relief efforts for struggling Americans

Second hour: Local faith leaders respond to the recent protest movement

When it comes to more help for struggling Americans, did the Democrats blow it? David Dayen, executive editor of “The American Prospect”, says yes. Dayen has been one of the most prolific writers in the country when it comes to all the ways that working Americans have been stuck with stagnating wages, foreclosed homes, and dead ends. He argues that Democrats had a window of opportunity in March, and were badly played. Now that the President is facing a possible election loss, Dayen says Democrats might have missed out on the chance to help workers for the duration of the pandemic. So how did we get here, and what happens next? Our guest:

  • David Dayen, executive editor of “The American Prospect”

Then in our second hour, a group of pastors and faith leaders has published a letter in regards to the recent protest movement led by Free the People Roc. They're planning a Friday event, and they join us to discuss how they see the demands from the protest leaders, as well as the current climate in the Rochester region. Our guests:

  • Rev. Lane Campbell, minister at First Universalist Church of Rochester
  • Pastor Imani Olear, minister at Reformation Lutheran Church
  • Ashley Gantt, co-founder of Free the People Roc
  • Iman Abid, co-founder of Free the People Roc