Coming up on Connections: Thursday, July 29

Jul 29, 2021

First hour: Understanding IUDs

Second hour: Discussing how to talk to people who choose not to get vaccinated

We explore all things IUD. The writer Olga Khazan recently sparked discussion when she mused about how painful an IUD can be. Women responded with their own stories, often frustrated that they weren't warned about how rough it could be. On the other hand, IUDs have helped drive down the rates of unwanted pregnancy and even abortion in some states. So how should we view IUDs? What should we know? Our guests:

  • Dr. Rebecca Alicandro, obstetrics and gynecology specialist with Rochester Regional Health
  • Audrey Sample
  • Chantal Monique
  • Jesse Amesmith

Then in our second hour, author Tom Nichols says the time has come to start shaming Americans who are declining to be vaccinated. Nichols says the prime targets of his frustration are white conservatives, and he should know something about that group, being a white conservative himself. But many health care providers caution against shaming and mocking, saying that patience and understanding are still required to increase the ranks of the vaccinated. Our guests debate it:

  • Tom Nichols, contributing writer at The Atlantic, and author of the new book "Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault from Within on Modern Democracy"
  • Dr. Deborah Pierce, family physician with Highland Family Medicine
  • Dr. Mario Elia, professor of family medicine at Western University