Coming up on Connections: Monday, September 14

Sep 14, 2020

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First hour: Jeremy Cooney, Democratic candidate for the 56th Senate District

Second hour: Should the NFL have fans in the stands this season?

Longtime Republican State Senator Joe Robach is not seeking reelection, and two candidates are vying for his seat. This hour, we have our first of several conversations with the candidates about their platforms and priorities for the district, as well as their perspectives on a range of issues affecting citizens. Our guest:

  • Jeremy Cooney, Democratic candidate for State Senate, 56th District

*Note: Republican candidate Mike Barry was scheduled to participate in this discussion, but cancelled unexpectedly.

Then in our second hour, fans in Kansas City booed when both football teams on the field linked arms in a show of unity. This happened not during the national anthem, but before the game -- it was intended as a show of strength. The vocal response of the limited crowd has convinced some observers that fans shouldn't be in stadiums at all this year. Sports Illustrated regional writer Pete Smith argues, "The biggest takeaway from the first game of the season between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans was the NFL shouldn't have fans in the stands. Not because of COVID-19, but evidently the country is so divided, so broken that even a modicum of respectful behavior is simply beyond our grasp." Our guests debate the merits of putting fans in the seats during this pandemic season.

  • Pete Smith, editor of Sports Illustrated Browns Digest
  • Andre Hudson, local college professor and Bills fan
  • Evalyn Gleason, longtime Bills fan