Coming up on Connections: Monday, May 3

May 3, 2021

First hour: Restaurant workers on re-balancing the industry

Second hour: Introducing the Community Counseling Circle

Restaurants are struggling to convince employees to come back to work. Federal unemployment assistance runs through August, and many workers feel that if restaurants won't pay more, it's not worth giving up the benefits. Restaurant owners call it a crisis, but workers are organizing and calling it an opportunity to re-balance what all restaurant employees are paid. Our guests discuss it:

  • Richard Bensinger, union organizer 
  • Andrea DePasquale, worker at Nani’s Kitchen 
  • Candace Doell, executive chef at Owl House Catering and Events

Then in our second hour, how can we make mental health services accessible to everyone? It's a question leaders at the Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition have been considering. They've launched a pilot program called Community Counseling Circle, and it's aimed at providing counseling to underserved populations. We talk about the new program and about the value of culturally competent care. Our guests:

  • Reverend Phyllis Jackson, RN, founder and executive director of the Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition
  • Melany Silas, Ph.D., professor at Monroe Community College, and board member for the Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition