Coming up on Connections: Monday, June 1

Jun 1, 2020


First hour: Discussing the Black Lives Matter protests, part 1

Second hour: Discussing the Black Lives Matter protests, part 2

The events in American cities over the last several days, including Rochester, have revealed the depth of decades of pain. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren says the protests have been important and peaceful, but the looting shows that the community can fall into a trap set by people outside of the movement. This hour, our guests discuss those issues and more:

  • Danielle Ponder, diversity and inclusion officer for the Monroe County Public Defender's Office, and lead singer for Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People
  • Jonathan Ntheketha, actor, performance educator with Impact Interactive, and adjunct professor
  • Lavelle Lewis, self-employed real estate investor, and volunteer organizer for Rochester's weekend cleanup efforts

Then in our second hour, we continue our conversation about the events of the weekend, about the Black Lives Matter movement, and about broader issues of race and police-community relations across the country. Our guests:

  • Anthony Hall, dean at Vertus Charter High School for Young Men, and executive director of BOOKBAGS Express
  • Justin Morris, community activist