Coming up on Connections: Monday, December 16

Dec 16, 2019

Credit University of Rochester

First hour: University of Rochester President Sarah Mangelsdorf 

Second hour: Rochester Teacher's Association President Adam Urbanski on the RCSD's proposed cuts

On July 1, 2019, Sarah Mangelsdorf became the new president of the University of Rochester. She was selected for the role following the resignation of Joel Seligman, and is the university’s first female president. Mangelsdorf comes to Rochester from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she served as provost. She’s also a professor of psychology whose research focuses on the social and emotional development of infants and young children. We sit down with Mangelsdorf to discuss her background, her goals for the university, her views on the university’s role in terms of economic development, and how she thinks the campus is moving forward after the events of last year. In studio:

  • Sarah Mangelsdorf, president of the University of Rochester

Then in our second hour, we continue our series of conversations about the proposed cuts in the Rochester City School District. Last week, former RCSD teacher and current doctoral candidate at the Warner School of Education, Robert Hoggard, told the Connections audience that he thinks it’s time for new leadership in the Rochester Teacher’s Association. Adam Urbanski was elected president of the RTA in 1981 and has held the position since. Hoggard says Urbanski “has been wielding too much power in the school district and hiding behind organized labor.” Urbanski joins us in studio today to share his perspective on the proposed cuts and to address the criticism from Hoggard. In studio:

  • Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teacher’s Association