Apple product launch on Friday to coincide with a new store at Eastview Mall

Sep 18, 2018

Apple will start selling its new iPhones and Apple Watch models on September 21, and also on that day, the company will move into a much larger store at Eastview. 

Mall general manager Mike Kauffman says Apple will be moving just a couple of doors down, in the same wing at Eastview.

“They’re more than doubling their size, I think a lot of it really is geared toward improving the customer experience, giving people a little bit more room when they walk in, having more sales people or customer service people to assist.”

The new Apple store is scheduled to start selling the new products at 8:00 a.m. on Friday. Kauffman says Apple traditionally has brought in a lot of customers into Eastview, especially during these types of product launches. 

“Apple continually draws some of the biggest crowds of any store here in the mall, and that benefits all of our retailers when you have a tenant that is as successful as they are, it has a positive impact on everyone around them,” Kauffman told WXXI News.

The opening of the expanded store at Eastview is one of two Apple stores celebrating a new space on Friday. The other is in China.