Advocates Disagree with List of Best and Worst Cities for Americans with Disabilities

Oct 2, 2014

Representatives for a local advocacy organization disagree with Rochester’s ranking in a poll of the best and worst cities for Americans with disabilities.

This week, WalletHub ranked Rochester in the middle of the road—92nd of 150 cities. Buffalo was ranked 47th.

Stephanie Woodward, Director of Advocacy at the Center for Disabilities Rights, disagrees with that ranking.

"If they based it on different factors, I think they would find that Rochester would rank much higher than it did. Although, still not at the very best," said Woodward

Woodward says there is much work to be done to make the city more buildings and sidewalks wheelchair accessible.

"So, it's not always about old buildings are harder to modify. It's that even when we are modifying, we are simply ignoring the ADA and the rights of people with disabilities," said Woodward.

Woodward explains she’s content with accommodations local businesses make when it’s brought to their attention that their structure is out of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. However, simple steps like making sure the business is easy to enter and keeping the entranceways clear of snow will ensure the entire community has access.