Ad agency moves downtown to be part of 'Rochester renaissance'

Jan 24, 2020

Artist's rendering of new building for Parcel 2.
Credit Buckingham Properties/Bergmann Architects / Butler/Till

A local ad agency is expanding and bringing its operation to downtown Rochester.

The company is Butler/Till, which this week announced that Kimberly Jones has been appointed as President and CEO.  Jones has been with the agency for the last 10 years.

Her appointment also happens at the same time that Butler/Till is moving its operation from Henrietta to downtown Rochester.

The agency will be in a new building that starts construction this year at Parcel 2. That’s at the site of the former Midtown Plaza location, where Buckingham Properties will put up a five-story mixed use building.

Jones says that one reason for moving downtown is the new energy that has been part of recent development in the center, with more businesses and apartment and condominium dwellers moving down there.

“I think really, the decision to move downtown is about part of that Rochester renaissance. We want to be part of the growing, thriving community downtown, and I think businesses like ours are what’s needed to bring more life and excitement to the downtown area,” Jones said.

Butler/Till now employs about 160 people in Rochester and one reason they are moving is that they are running out of space.

Jones says they hope to be close to 200 employees by the end of the year.  The building they are moving into will includes offices, apartments and some retail.

Buckingham Properties president and chief operating officer Rich Finley says there has been a very robust market among people and companies wanting to locate not only in the Midtown area, but all over the city.

“The urbanization trend is still very real and we’re seeing it a lot. We just built a building over on Alexander Park and brought 48 units on line and the demand is still there; we’ve been really excited about how that’s leased up,” Finley said.

The new building starts construction this year and is expected to be completed by early summer, 2021.